Why you shouldn’t blind buy fragrances

Have you ever gone into a department store, spritz a perfume on a tester card and fallen in love with it, only later to regret buying it because it smelt different?

This is a common occurrence because perfume reacts to your individual skin and body type, so how it smells on a tester card isn’t the same as how it smells on your skin. This also means the same perfume may smell different from person to person.

Like skincare products, your skin will react to a fragrance based on its pH balance. In other words, how acidic your skin is will change how a fragrance smells.

While you may not immediately think this could impact how a perfume or aftershave smells on you, moisture actually plays a big part in how a fragrance smells once out of the bottle and onto your skin.

We offer perfume and aftershave samples allowing you to test a fragrance on your skin and hopefully avoid any costly buyers regret. All our fragrances are expertly decanted from the original bottles and processed to order.

Tip: Why not buy several samples and test each on different days to see which gets the desired response – or layer perfumes and create your own unique scent!